2020 Program At-a-Glance

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Thursday April 30, 2020

8:00     Welcome – Michael Conte, MD

Session I – Abdominal Aortic

Moderators: Linda Reilly, Sukgu Han

8:10     Debate - The Current ESVS guideline:  Patients with Long Life Expectancy Should Preferentially get Open AAA Repair

For Michael Conte

Against - Robert Chang

8:30     Common Iliac Aneurysm:  Rx Algorithm - Sukgu Han

8:45     Late Type I A & B Endoleaks Post-EVAR: How I Treat These - Jean Panneton

9:00     Sac Enlargement after EVAR - What Does this Imply for the Patient? When to Treat & How to Do It - Jade Hiramoto

9:15     Juxta Renal/ Para Renal AAA Review of Contemporary Data on Open and Endovascular Repair - Devin Zarkowsky

9:30     Q&A

9:45     Break/Visit Exhibitors


Session II – Thoracic Aortic

Moderators: Jade Hiramoto, Jean Panneton

10:15   Thoracic Aortic Trauma: Defining Who to Treat and How to Do It - Shant Vartanian

10:30   Acute TBAD - Evolution of High-Risk Criteria - Peter Schneider

10:45   Thoracic Aortic Infections – My Approach - Gustavo Oderich

11:10   Expert Panel Discussion (Moderator: Michael Conte)

"Treatment Options for Chronic TBAD – Open, Endo, Hybrid – What Makes the Most Sense in Which Patients?"

Panelists: Gustavo Oderich, Jade Hiramoto, Sukgu Han, Jean Panneton

11:30   TBAD-s/p TEVAR.  Retrograde False Lumen Perfusion with Aortic Enlargement - Now What? - Jean Panneton

11:45   Cardiopulmonary Bypass Techniques in Open TAAA Repair. What Approaches Work Best in Which Settings? - Teng Lee

12:00   Aortic Keynote Address - Gustavo Oderich

"Contemporary Approach to Complex Aortic Disease: Mayo Experience"

12:30   Working Lunch – Challenging Aortic Cases (Food provided)

Moderators: Charles Eichler, Peter Schneider

Panelists: Jean Panneton, Sukgu Han, Michael Belkin, Jade Hiramoto

1:30     Break/Visit Exhibitors


Session III – Carotid, Access, and Miscellaneous Topics

Moderators: Joseph Rapp, Mahmoud Malas

2:00     Where Does TCAR Fit in the Treatment of Carotid Disease in 2020? - Mahmoud Malas

2:20     Optimal Timing of Carotid Revascularization Post-Stroke - Warren Gasper

2:35     Percutaneous AV Fistula: Where Does it Fit in Today's Practice? - Shant Vartanian

2:50     DCB for AV Access - Maureen Kohi

3:05     Challenging Access Cases - Bart Dolmatch

3:20     What’s New in Medical Rx for PAD & Which Drugs Reduce Limb Events - Marc Bonaca

3:35     Q&A

3:45     Break/Visit Exhibitors


Session IV – Learn from the Experts: How I Do It

Moderator: Charles Eichler

4:00     EVAR with Iliac Branch Device - Adam Oskowitz

4:10     Open Reconstruction for Aorto-Iliac/Femoral Disease - Michael Belkin

4:20     Spine Exposure - Charles Eichler

4:30     TCAR - Mahmoud Malas

4:40     Carotid-Carotid & Carotid –Subclavian Bypass - Jade Hiramoto

4:50     EVAR for Ruptured AAA - Sukgu Han

5:00     Radial Artery Access - Vaikom Mahadevan

5:10     Iliac Vein Recanalization and Stenting - David Rigberg

5:20     Q&A

5:30     Adjourn

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